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Water quality management is one of the priorities in environmental management in Indonesia. The results of water quality monitoring carried out through the Prokasih program still show high levels of pollutants in water bodies. Water has physical and chemical characteristics that greatly affect the life of the organism in it. If there is a change in the quality of the waters, especially by environmental pollution, then the living balance of the organisms that are in these waters.

Human life in particular can be disrupted. Water environment pollution should be controlled at the level of the beginning of a process of pollution that occurs. If the level of water pollutionwater pollution is very dominant, then the prevention and prevention requires very expensive costs.

Besides being a natural resource, water resources are also an important component of the ecosystem for human life. The need for water tends to increase from time to time, both to meet basic human needs such as drinking water, clean water and sanitation as well as resources needed for economic development such as agriculture, industry, power generation and tourism. Water that is used for various needs and needs until now and for the foreseeable future still relies on surface water sources, especially river water. The availability of river water resources tends to decrease due to a decrease in the quality and quantity available as well as the existing quality becomes unusable due to pollution.

Pollution has a negative impact on humans, animals, plants and property or in other words on social life. The impact of socioeconomic pollution can be interpreted as an impact on individuals in a shared life as assessed by monetary units (economics). A product produced through the production process of an industry that causes pollution is sold at a relatively cheap price compared to the price of the same product with the same technology, but does not pollute because it already uses waste treatment equipment.